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                                                  ON THE THEORY OF ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY                                                            OF THE FERRITE PRODUCTS SURFACE LAYER BRITTLENESS REDUCTION 


Krеvchik Vladimir Dmitrievich, Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, head of sub-department of physics, Penza State University,
Sokolov Vladimir Olegovich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, dean of department of mechanical engineering automation, Penza State University,
Vasin Dmitry Vyacheslavovich, Post graduate student, Penza State University,
Marinina Larisa Alexandrovna, Candidate of engineering sciences, associate professor, Penza State University
(affiliated branch in Serdobsk, Penza Region), 

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One of possible mechanisms of reduction of fragility in the surface layer of the ferrite materials of Mn–Zn , connected with process diffuse spreading Cottrell's zones in the conditions of ultrasound influence is theoretically investigated. It is shown, that the acoustic-stimulation diffusion factor is defined by the dissipation energy rate, and also by additional number additional jumps for atoms of impurity atmospheres during an ultrasound wave period. It is established, that the impurity atmosphere diffusion can be accompanied by partial or full striking off of dispositions. As result, the local Young’s modulus value decreases; and, hence, fragility of the ferrite surface layer decreases too. 

Key words

ferrite, diffusion, ultrasonic influence, impurity atmosphere. 

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